This is meant to be the best Internet resource for digital dictaphone. When buying such a equipment, there are many questions that you might need information on. If so, read on to find the answer to your dictation equipment questions.

How does digital dictaphone works

A dictaphone basically records the voice of the user. The recording is fairly basic. You simply press the record button, speaks into the dictaphone and the device will automatically record the speech. Once the recording is done, the equipment will convert the recording to a file which can then be uploaded to a computer. This is where a lot of things can be done to enhance your productivity and efficiency. The file can be manipulated so that it can shorted into a concise version for communication. It can also be sent to various parties via email, which improves a company's communication channel. Finally, the file can be stored and saved for further usage.

Benefits of digital dictaphone

The most important reason for buying a dictaphone is to enhance the workflow of the organisation and helps to improve the productivity. Before the dictaphone, a recorder needs to joint down the meeting minutes, convert them to a digital file by typing them out in a word document, edit them before emailing them out for information purposes. With a dictaphone, the first two steps can be removed as you simply needs to speak into the device and it will convert your speech into a software file. This alone can save the organisation lots of time and effort.

Another less obvious benefit is the ability to then organise these files. On most models, the files can be stamped with information about their time of recording, the categories, and the ID of the recorder. This sorts the files to be sorted according to these filters, which helps tremendously in the retrieve of information later on.

Digital dictaphone comparisons

There are a number of brands in the market for these digital dictaphone. Sony and Olympus are the leading brands here that most people are familar with. If you want to know about these brands and the various models they offer, I suggest you read my previous post where I have done extensive reviews on these two brands:

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If you want to compare the two brands, here is a rough summary. For prices, sony dictaphone tend to be more expensive as per the norm for all Sony products. In terms of performance, there are no clear winner among the two brands. Most of their models have strengths and weakness so it is realy up to the user to determine which feature is the one that suits them the most. Again, if you want information on the different models, I suggest you read the posts that I have linked above.

Where to buy digital dictaphone

You can buy these devices at most of the local retailers and electronic stores. However, they might not offer the model you want. For a more comprehensive selection, the best way is to go online. Places such as Amazon offers a wide selection of models that you can select from. Not only that, they have detailed reviews from actual buyers that can help you determine which model best fit your purposes.

Cheapest digital dictaphone

Buying online also enable you to find the cheapest prices available. Nowadays, with price comparison tools, you can easily which site offers the best dictaphone deals. For example, Google products offers you a clean and intutive interface to navigate your product search. At one glance, you can see which site is offering dictaphone for sale and discounts.

You can also get a cheaper device via second hand places such as Ebay if you don't buying a used dictation equipment. If you are intending on buying a second hand equipment, you need to be careful that you are not getting a faculty product. You need to make sure the seller is a reputable seller, with good reviews by other buyers. You also need to ask the seller about the condition of the device to make sure it has no obvious faults. If you don't ask, the responsibility becomes yours, not the seller.