Olypmus digital dictation equipment is one of the more popular voice recorders in the market, next to the Sony digital dictation equipment. This post will review some of the better models in the market and also give you some tips on where to buy both new and used dictation equipment online.

Olympus ds 4000
This models work very well and does what it is suppose to do. Overall, it is a good product and works effectively. The battery life is excellent, with options for you to lower the sound quality and increasing its battery life. The voice recording itself has very good quality, enabling you to hear all the meeting proceedings.

The only weakness is that the build is not tough. You can't drop this digital dictation machine or else the fragile compartment doors for the battery will tend to be spoilt. Once it is damaged, it is difficult to use the device as the battery tend to slip off its container without the door covering the opening. In fact, with the door, the battery would not even recharge, meaning you can't use it once the current power runs out. Other than this, the Olypus ds4000 is a solid voice recorder and can pick up the voices in the room quite effectively. Prices wise, it is in the hundreds range and is slightly more pricey than what the rest of the devices cost. However, during sales period, you can buy the ds4000 for discounts.

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Olympus ds 40

The Olympus ds40 is a the upgrade to the WS 300/310 range. It improves upon its predecessor greatly and has all the good qualities for a functional voice recorder. DS-40 is a stereo microphone jack which supports an optional remote control / microphone jack and is where the external stereo microphone is plugged in. Curiously, Nuance in their Dragon testing of the DS-30/40/50 writes that this recorder does not accept an external microphone.

The Olynpus ds 40 can be used as a digital voice recorder, a music player, an audiobook player, and a podcast player. For a digital voice recorder, it is great. For the rest, it is acceptable and the quality is not as good as pure music player for example.

As a recorder, it has excellent sound quality, impressive voice guided menu, easy to read display, great performance and key response, and is a great size and can conspicuously be put in your shirt pocket. It records to WMA files and can be plugged into your computer via USB as a USB drive. Overall, it is a great digital dictation equipment.

The only drawback is its limited control. Besides delete and and move, there is no other option for your to manipulate the sound recordings. There is also no supply case which means you need to buy an additional case.

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Olympus DS61

The device is easy to use, compact and very sensitive mic. The sound quality is amazing! The VCVA feature works awesome. Like all good voice recorders, it can pick out sounds coming from right across the room. When played back, the sounds are crystal clear and are great for any dictation work.

Overall it has a lot of features but it has some shortcoming. Most notably, it lacks any kind of edit functions, such as erase, overwrite, insert and append. These are essential for a recorder at this price point.

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Hope you find this review post useful for you in buying olympus digital dictation equipment voice recorders.